Artist Services

Are you an artist?

Looking to start your own online shop and sell your work? 

Unsure if your artwork will work on badges?

Queer Little Shop can help. We can create tester badges for you for a small fee before you go ahead and make a large order of badges. This way you know what your badge will look like before investing too much money into something that may not work.

Trust me, this is something I learnt the hard way.

You can use our full set-up service or use our handy templates and simply use our print and make service.

Full Service Set-Up

You send me the art work, I set up the badges, print and make them. 

Up to 15 different designs made in 25mm badges.

Cost: £25

Print & Make

Use our handy badge template and set up your own badges then email them back to me to print and make 15 badges.

Cost: £18

Need something else?

Want to test a different product? 

Need mock ups making for your designs? 

Get in touch and let's see how we can help.