About QLS

Inclusive Queer Stuff

A pic of Ren - a transmasc non binary person with pink hair

Queer Little Shop is the endeavour of Ren, the writer of that Queer Little Family blog.

Ren (They/Them) is a non-binary, bisexual writer and parent from Wales, UK.
They want to create stuff for everyone under the Queer umbrella.

Mission Statement

Aces are valid.
Trans women are women.
Pan people are note just “woke bisexuals”.
Trans men are men.
Bisexuals are not transphobic. Nor are they greedy.
Gay is not a negative descriptor.
Queer has been reclaimed by some but not all.
Lesbians are not for entertainment.
AFAB Non-Binary people are not women-lite.
Include AMAB non-binary people in the conversation.
Pride is for everyone.
Terf is not a slur.
The G is not for Gatekeeping.

You are loved.